The methods of orders payment

Cash pyment (for individual and legal persons)

A customer can pay an order in our company office or our representative can visit a customer office.

Cashless payment (for legal persons)

An invoice for payment is issued after making-out up of an order.

Bank transfer (for individual persons)

An order can be paid via any bank operating in the territory of Russia.

Payment requisites:
OOO «Izdatelstvo «Camelot»
VAT Number 3664042902 KPP code 366601001
Account 40702810013000106527 in Tsentralno-Chernozemnyi Bank SB RF of Voronezh City
Corresponding account 30101810600000000681 RCBIC 042007681


Яндекс.Деньги, WebMoney, e-port, КредитПилот.

When choosing these methods of an order payment its handling is proceeded at the site of e-payment systems ASSIST, that passed an international certification.

Система электронных платежей

Pay by Assist