I category

Ordinary difficulty level. texts in soft copies, illustrations and photos not requiring any adaptation. A detailed technical specification is available.

II category

Medium difficulty level. When finished texts and illustrations requiring some processing are available or there`s a need in selection of illustrations from the photobank of images and text typing.

III category

Increased difficulty level. When finished texts are available; making unique graphic information.

Flash banners I category II category III category
468x60 and 392x72 20 € 26 € from 35 €
728x90, 600x90 and 100%x90 29 € 43 € from 52 €
120x600 and 240x400 26 € 34 € from 43 €
100x100 and 125x125 15 € 20 € from 26 €
flash banner resize 30 % of banner cost
making banner corrections 3 € 6 € 15 €
Flash animation (presentations, bumpers, cards, cartoons, etc.) from 143 €
Flash websites from 429 €
Static jpg, png, gif banners from 12 €

Range of our services is wider than given in the price. If you cant`t find the service you`re interested in, that doesn`t mean we are not able to render it.
Service cost includes 18% VAT. Final service cost is agreed with a customer after ordering.

The methods of orders payment

Our company provides the full set of accounting documents for service rendered.